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  • Let's put an end on Macedonia's genocide!

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    We're talking about a cultural genocide in the 21st century. A thing that is not supposed to happen in these modern days. A genocide on a small country which has a long sad and rich history (MAKEDONIA) and her enemies including: Greece,Albania, Bulgaria, EU, NATO, USA, George Soros, Makedonia's ''traitor goverment'' Zoran Zaev, Radmila Secerinska, Nikola Dimitrov, Oliver Spasovski, Ali Ahmeti, Talat Xhaferi( a former albanian terrorist who killed many innocent people in the civil war in Makedonia in 2001 and now is the president of our Constitutional Court) and many others deny our right to declare ourselfs as Makedonians. They all deny our identity. Prime Minister Z.Zaev betrayed us, changing our name in North Macedonia, even though we boycotted the referendum and we said a BIG NO to the changing on our identity and history and NO to the EU and NATO (EU and NATO have double standards when it comes to smaller countries. They claimed if we change the name then we can enter in EU and NATO. But that was a huge lie). Z.Zaev goes against Macedonians will! He is an illegitimate leader. He bought the votes! As well as Talat Xhaferi did! Macedonian people DIDN'T vote these cowards! They were brought by the EU and US. We need help! Every signature helps! If we let these traitors continue with their plan, we will lose everything! MAKEDONIA is all we have! We don't have another country! We don't have another Makedonia. These are the main problems i explained. There are many disturbing facts about these people. In other words we are the new Jews. Denied and betrayed by our own politicians and humiliated by our enemies!

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