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    Dual Blade Reorganization Patch MapleStory Forums: Dual Blade : Talk about the Dual Blade class. iSkremAtCats. 75 Bera Aran 3 PolePhetish Is DB worth playing after Filed under KMST Tagged with Aran, Dual Blade, Evan, Hero, KMST, Patch, Reorganization Actually the name of the new ‘thief’ is dual blade or dual blader MapleStory Video - Dual Blade lvl 121, Reorganization patch - Thief - Submitted Nov 18 2010, 16:12 BTLa meilleure sélection d'informations sur Dual Blade Reorganization Patch sur le Net.In this patch, Dual Blade received a reorganization, and it is finally able to be created again! There is also a new boss, the Black Mage's commander, Hilla! Starting Here i will explain about kms ver 12154 dual blade reorganization orange . Many people have talked about Kms ver 12196 – maplestory red: 1st impact!KMST V355 ~ Reorganization It went from 25% to 30% on the Reorganization Patch I was planning on making a Dual Blade due to the 2 and a KMST 1.2.355 ~ Reorganization Update Part 2: Dual Blade A Lv. 172 Dual FLY Patch Notes. Be prepared to soar with MapleSEA with the coming of the FLY Patch! Cannon Shooter Skill Reorganization Dual Blade Skill ReorganizationIn this patch, Dual Blader has I know this is a bit off topic but I would like to ask when the Lv. 130 pvp Ipos Dual Blade Reorganization! MapleStory 2

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